About Ziga Media

Ziga Media, established in 1986, publishes quality-crafted illustrated calendars, monthly planners, journals, greeting cards, books, and puzzles in the areas of natural history, travel, animals, art and architecture, military history, cultural history, and transportation. We consider each title a work in itself, carefully combining images and design to create a product that is useful, engaging, and informative. Our titles are illustration-driven. Carefully chosen images—from live nature and travel photographs to vintage historic images and eye-catching graphics—cover a broad spectrum of subjects, allowing us to offer products that provide all the practical information that should be included in a calendar presented in an attractive and convenient format.

Ziga Media is pleased to collaborate with licensors that include the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund; Central Park Conservancy; Ranger Doug’s Enterprises; Maritime Retro, and Animal Camo. Our Explore the World®  series of travel and nature calendars are available in wall, mini wall, and engagement formats.