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Mini Wall Calendars

2020 WWF Wolves Mini Wall

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WWF Wolves Mini Wall 2020
WWF Wolves Mini Wall 2020
WWF Wolves Mini Wall 2020
WWF Wolves Mini Wall 2020
  • SMALL SIZE: 7 x 7 inch square / opens to 7 x 14 inch. Ideal size for small spaces.
  • BEST QUALITY: Printed in quality paper with poster-like quality. An excellent wall decor. The format is perfect for cubicles, lockers, bulletin boards, and the fridge door.
  • COLORFUL DESIGN: Full colored illustrations with beautiful images.
  • OFFERS: 12-month January-December 2020, plus bonus Sept to Dec 2019 quick View and At-a-Glance Monthly Views.
  • EARTH FRIENDLY MATERIALS: Printed in environmentally friendly paper and inks.

Travel with the wolf pack in this fascinating 2020 calendar that provides insight into the behavior of a wild animal that has established one of nature’s most successful social structures. Here is the whole family unit—from cubs playing to adults hunting—with each individual acting in accordance with its status within the pack.

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